Take a break, Appreciate.

—hard times

Hard times are comin your way
You’re gonna have to rise above it some day
Organize your life and figure it out
Or you’ll go under without a doubt
Hard times! Hard times!
Seems i’m bein forced into a mold
Hard times! Hard times!
Forcin me and i’m growin cold
Hard times are coming through
But if your hard they won’t get to you
They’re gonna try to drive you into the ground
But never surrender, never go down!
Hard times! Hard times!
Seems i’m bein forced into a mold
Hard times! Hard times!
Forcin me and i’m growin cold



I lost all my thoughts of angels in an aspirin billboard
Walking down 16th street, hit the cross street Catatonia
I wish I had the strength to do your drugs, it must take strength
This life inside is hard to bring outside
Now you turn and cross the corner
Cold sweat, think of what’s for dinner
Think I should be thinking deeper, this is your excuse to go outside
I’m sick not hungry, sick of people starved for love
I keep creating errands to take to people to talk to me
But still nothing human, money changes hands is all
This world’s a broken record skipping on the call with no response

This is what you’ve been working towards
This punishment is your reward
After all this time…think you’d learn
When you got your wish bridges were burned
What are you taking so hard and why?
And are you giving anything back?
Misgiving isn’t just another form of giving, is it?
You made your life, now live in it
Learning how to live without her
The one who gave you thirty chances
All of which you promptly blew
If up to you, you’d die to not offend
To not offend.

All 5 original members, 2 nights ago.  Spiritually lifted, straight edge!

Open your eyes and look within:
Are you satisfied (with the life you’re living)? Uh!
We know where we’re going, uh!
We know where we’re from.
We’re leaving Babylon.


—Satta Massagana

There is a land, far far away,
where there's no night,
there's only day.
Look into the book of life, and you will see,
that there's a land, far far away.
that there's a land, far far away.

The King of Kings and the Lord of Lords
sit upon his throne,
and he rules us all.
Look into the book of life, and you will see
that he rules us all,
that he rules us all.

Satta a massagana ( = "give thanks")
Ahamlack, ( = "to god")
Ulaghize. ( = "continually")


—Unlisted Track

You can’t sell me incense
My world smells good enough to eat
So let’s not eat, just smell the good and longing
Not owning
We’ll circle like insects
Incensing the grieve liquored herd
Have you heard an encouraging word from them
They pretend

To be so above it all
Or so they would have you think
I think, no one thinks at all

You might show some interest
You’re world looks good enough to eat
I see the ghost of a better world
Living in the disbelief in ghosts
Everyone tells me they’re crazy
Well crazy people aren’t so fucking boring
Wake me when your through being cool, cause I’m snoring
And hoping

To see you beside yourself
Show me the rose stuff of you
Would you
Do it for yourself

Or for me
We both need a change
Your fear of normalcy is hardly strange
Let’s be freaks, plain clothes police
Let’s be deliberate, because it’s obvious to me
Deliberately weird is pretty obvious

So color me obvious
I just want to be happy half the time
And blue only when I have the time